buy rgb led light painting tool for photography in india

Incredible Pictures no more a dream, Draw your magic.
Light paint the imagination into your picture.


Visualize, light, create.

Who said clicking Magical pictures is tough? Pick our holostick now and draw your imagination through our very own handy painting tool. Let your imagination speak and your pictures will turn out to be like never before.



An invisible screen in the air.

RGB LEDs for over 16 million colors

Each one of Holostick's 170 LEDs acts like a pixel on a screen providing over 16 million colors. Controlled by highly repeatable 100nS timing precision, 16 MHz microcontroller.

Anodized Aluminum & ABS body

Built with industrial CNC for shaping Aluminum body, coated with anodic oxide finish for corrosion-resistance. ABS parts are 3D Printed, which has high tensile strength and is very resistant to physical impacts.

Extremely long life

Get hustle free experience with long photoshoots, The holostick is powered with 10000 mAh battery enhanced with 18W fast charging technology, and can run for up-to 6 hours of continous photoshoot.

User friendly

Display your own patters/images with help of Micro SD card, upto 32 GB. Convert your image to 24-bit BMP format and with of 170px. Software controlled white balance, brightness, speed, orientation

buy rgb led light painting tool for photography in india

Illuminate and create wonders.

Being the first and only one to introduce this product in India, this is the easiest way to create magical pictures without the need for huge efforts. Just set up long-exposure mode on your camera/smartphone, set the image/pattern on Holostick, and you are all set to capture unbelievable light painting pictures.


Creating wonders when lightened.


Ready to use
image pack for Holostick.

We understand that you have just received your Holostick and eager to try it out, so we have made a ready-made starter pack for you.

Download Image pack!